Improv to Performance



Improv to Performance:

An 8 week improv course suitable for all levels. We’ll cover some improv basics, improve your confidence on stage, and have a crazy amount of fun. Classes will include games and scenes and provide you with a firm improv grounding to jump up onto stage, or into a more specialised course. Experienced improvisers will enjoy learning a whole host of new bespoke games, including some physical theatre/clown elements to really up your style quota.
Improvisation is a fantastic tool for acting, comedy, and life, because it means saying, “yes!” and supporting your team members to create a show. You’ll surprise yourself with the things you come up with, and be amazed at how comfortable you start to feel being silly on stage. You’ll meet some of the most positive and lovely people in the world at improv classes as well, and hopefully make some very good new friends.

These classes are suitable for just about everybody, no matter your background. The venue has flat access, and most levels of physical fitness and ability can easily be accommodated. You’ll also need good basic English skills, but please don’t be worried if it’s your second language.

8 Mondays from 7-930, starting May 22. Classes are held at the Nursery Training Centre, Capital House, 42 Weston Street. A performance showcase will be scheduled for shortly after the course ends. Email with any questions