Bespoke sessions

Improvable offer a number of one or two day courses to focus on specific skills- details below. Contact us for booking inquiries at

Performance skills for musicians:

An intensive course that combines music and theatre improvisation skills to help you get the most out of your performances. If you suffer from stage fright, are nervous about speaking on stage, worry you lose the audience when you’re focussing on your music, or just want to be more engaging and charismatic on stage and off, this course is for you. Over two days we will create a positive and warm environment to practise speaking and playing to an audience in a way that feels safe and easy. We will build a skill set of acting and musical techniques and exercises for you to take home and incorporate into your own practice so you can continue to gain confidence on stage. As Amy Pohler says,”‘Charm’ is a verb!”And it’s also a teachable skill.

This class is suitable for those with no previous acting or theatre experience, but does assume a good level of musical ability. If you’ve been playing or singing for 5+ years, whether professionally or as a serious amateur/student, this is the perfect place for you. If you are less experienced but keen and feel you would benefit, please to discuss whether this is the right course for you.

Gender in performance

This one day course explores performing characters with a wide range of gender expressions, and playing cross-gender in a real and believable way. We’ll use status, genre, stereotypes, personal experiences, and known characters/characteristics to create a range of characters. We’ll also talk about gender and group dynamic on and off stage. Contact for booking