HeadshotStephen1Stephen Davidson

Artistic director Stephen Davidson has been improvising for 7 years and is a huge improv geek. He currently also plays with The Verbs, house team of the Nursery theatre, in interdisciplinary ensemble Zootropic, and in twoprovs The Eh Team with Kit Harmon and The Happiest People in the World with Erick Castellan. Stephen teaches improv through Improvable and the Nursery theatre, and is also a diversity officer for Hoopla Improv and founder/coach of QI- Queer Improv. He has studied improv through i/o Chicago, The Nursery, UCB, Hoopla, The Maydays, Music Box, Showstoppers, City Academy, Imprology, and with many visiting artists including Dave Razowsky, Bill Arnett, Tim Sozko, Heather Anne Campbell, Deanna Fleysher, and Lydia Hensler.

Stephen loves improv and one of the world’s most cheerful people when playing or teaching. His day job is as a clarinettist, conductor, and music teacher, and he’s always felt at home on stage. When coaching both music and improv he prides himself on creating a positive environment so that players can perform at their best. Stephen likes his improv like he likes his partners; silly, clever, and emotionally connected.

RWG-2665Utku Guder

Utku has been fascinated with improv since he first saw it being performed in 2004, as part of a seminar he attended on how to cope with the university entrance exam. After moving to London in 2010, Utku rediscovered improv as part of his foray into acting. In the last 6 years, Utku has done a variety of courses on acting and improv, ranging from stage acting to singing to storytelling and performing in short stage plays. His main passion and source of happiness has been improv though, on which he did countless workshops and performances with local and international groups (including City Academy, Hoopla, Spontaneity Workshop, UCB, among others). He is a proud and excited member of the Improvable and loves to share his fascination and happiness with the audience while discovering new levels of funny silliness.

RWG-2438Stefano Bellucci Sessa

Stefano Bellucci Sessa started improvising in 2013, gaining experience through courses and workshops with City Academy, Hoopla, the Nursery, Music Box and City Lit. Graphic designer full time, he has been taking care of branding for Improvable since the beginning.
When acting with his lovely partners, Stefano adds to the scenes elements and characters inspired design, movies, or just a big curiosity in looking at the world.
While experience in acting and clowning makes Stefano create new worlds and situations, improvised experiments with music and accents make him enjoy his failures on stage.
RWG-2759Karolina Kriks
Karolina was produced in Poland and born in Austria. Being raised bilingual she always had a soft spot for words and was a bubbly child who loved to engage total strangers into random conversations, much to her parents dislike. She studied Journalism and Theater theory at the University in Vienna and became a journalist and editor. After some years of writing depressing news she decided to follow her dream, joined a small theatre in Vienna and started to take drama classes.
In 2012 she moved to London and continued to train as an actress. Her first contact with Impro was at the gentle age of 31 and she immediately fell in love. Through improv courses with City Academy and Hoopla she met the rest of the Improvable gang. Even though she is Austrian, she fails continously to do a good Schwarzenegger impression, but makes up for it with her many other skills, amongst them being able to cook 2 different dishes, being a really good driver, having a loud voice, and looking much younger than she actually is. She is also an actress, who performs on stage as well as on screen, a kids party entertainer and an enthusiastic ukulele-player.


RWG-2617 Joey Bornman (on hiatus)

Joey grew up in South Africa, where from a small age she forced her Uncles to have tea with her, at her Teddy Bears’ Picnic party. She had regular poetry readings in her Aunt’s living room until eventually her father decided to send her to the University of Pretoria, to study drama. 
After studying she decided to go travelling and spent two years working on cruise ships, exploring the coasts of the US, drinking beers in the Caribbean and sipping cocktails in Hawaii. She then moved to London, and took a Improvisation class at City Academy, and then she was hooked. Because of her passport she went back to South Africa, where she hosted her own comedy nights until she could come back to London and join the Improvable team. Sometimes when she is not trying to make people laugh, she loves to travel and do yoga.